"I met Tavona about two years after I lost my husband and the love of my life in a wildfire. Our sons met in elementary school but we became fast friends as well when I discovered what a compassionate individual Tavona is. Tavona made me feel seen and heard in a way most people didn’t. She has a soft and gentle magic about her and in her presence I just felt safe. Safe to share my sorrows, my fears, my joys and my hope. She has such a hard earned yet I think innate wisdom and grace that she simply emanates and somehow her warm spirit shines through perfectly when I listen to her podcast too. She offers such wisdom and guidance for anyone who has felt the pain of loss in this lifetime. I highly recommend it. The podcast is a beautiful offering of grace and a gift to all of us."

"Tavona is has been through the thick of it and has risen through the fire. Anyone that comes into Tavona's circle is blessed beyond measure, to watch the care she gives to others is something to be envious of. Not only will she see you for all you are, she will help heal the parts that are hurting. To be in her care, is to be held and know love"

"I met Tavona during a Mastermind group this year and soon after learned that she had become a widow six years ago. Instead of staying in the trauma of that event as a mother with two young kids, Tavona took her experience and turned it into a Podcast and a coaching business, in which she radiates such a powerful light of hope and courage. Her resilience and the way she has risen up in the years since becoming a widow is nothing short of awe-inspiring.  

Enjoy the holidays, and I look forward to being in touch.


Jill Shroyer, PHR 

Founder & CEO



"I am a fellow coach and have had the privilege to work with Tavona for more than a year now. We have a relationship built on trust and mutual respect. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach due to all her knowledge, abilities and skills.
Tavona is a courageous, committed, caring and very supportive person. She has walked a tough road that few people have had to navigate in life yet she has accepted this challenge with strength and grace. She is the right person for you if you are looking for a coach that will empower you to navigate a difficult time in your life. She can give you the guidance, support and direction to get the results you want.
Iris Paller-Milne CLC, CEC, CSC in Enumclaw WA"

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