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Tavona Givens

Travel As Therapy Coach

Travel. Eat. Rest. Heal. Repeat

Honored Arrivals

My three signature programs where I honor you and your unique story. 


Work with me to plan your own self honoring solo trip.


Or let's take a take deeper three month self honoring journey just you and I.  We start this journey with a 2 night 3 day in person trip in a gorgeous luxury setting. 


Are you craving community and connection?  Have you been searching for your people, new experiences, and to get the heck out of town? Come along on a intimate trip with twelve women for 5 nights 6 days and that's just part of the greatness. 

Ready...Of Course You Are!!


Travel Trip

Honoring Thy Self



Travel Trip

Honoring Together Exclusive Private 1:1



Travel Trip

Honoring As A Community

Seattle/Whidbey Island

July 11-17 2023

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